The Authors of What Is Swinging

The Authors - Jo & David

We are a swinging couple who create swingers websites and run swingers, BDSM and Fetish parties and socials.

As a result of this we have met many thousands of swingers and answered many questions from them.

We do not pretend to be experts or psychologists, we just answer questions from our personal experiences and observations.

David (aka Dirty David)

David (born in the UK in 1956) started swinging in 1974, using old school contact magazines from his local newsagents. He met many couples and single ladies through the ads, and attended many parties arranged by people in and around London until the early 80's when he met and married a girl outside the scene.

The marriage failed after a year - nothing to do with swinging - and David returned to swinging in the London, Milton Keynes and then Preston area until he met and married another non-swinger!

This marriage lasted longer, 8 years and gave him a beautiful daughter.

Wife number 2 was not a swinger, but an exhibitionist and had her own website of pictures of her flashing back in 1997. She had a lot of people sending her swinging details and we added a contact ad section onto her site.

After divorce number 2 David decided to create a new site based on the swingers contact ads and built a site using his swinging nickname dirtydavid which has grown to a monster swingers site with over 2.75 million swingers profiles.

David met Jo through a friend who thought we would get on well together. He took her to her first swingers party in October 2000 and they remained just friends with benefits until the following summer, when David was going to head off backpacking in Australia. Jo handcuffed him to her bed where he remains to this day!

Jo (aka JoJo)

Jo (born in Canada in 1971) started swinging in 2000, at a swingers party run by David. I loved the people I met and the freedom of the whole lifestyle.

In 2001 I asked David to create a website for me of naughty pictures I had been taking with my new friends and was born. This site grew to over 2500 pictures of me having fun with guys, girls and couples, but staggered to a halt when David and I moved to Spain in 2004. (The Spanish guys could not perform for the camera, and the Brits here are mainly a lot older).

We still have fun, mostly with guys I meet in Benidorm on the Spanish Costa Blanca or at our regular swingers parties.

David describes me as a "Cougar" as I prefer my guys to be younger than me. A "Hot wife" as I will play with guys without him and then tell him about it afterwards. A "Greedy Girl" because I like to have groups of guys, as I like to keep my hands, mouth and pussy busy, so 3 or 4 cocks are always welcome.

Jo and David

We now run several swingers parties in the summer months and 1 each month in the fall and spring. we also run adult weekend breaks where people can come along and stay with us here in Spain and attend a party on the Saturday night.

We also run a picture site of us with our friends and maintain our swingers contact websites.